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The software is provided under The GNU General Public License, see this for further details.

Name Release date Operating system Size Prerequisites Download link Comments
agentbeats III Summer 2004 Mac OSX and Windows n/a
n/a -
agentbeats 2 - v0.7 14/mar/2004 Mac OSX 10.2 136 KB Java 2 ver. 1.4.1 - MIDI keyboard Don't try this at home!
No... It should be OK! But it is a prototype with nice graphics internal synth hardware MIDI but no real AL, as of yet.
agentbeats v1.03 11/mar/2004 Mac OSX 10.2 304 KB Java 2 ver. 1.4.1
agentbeats-osx-1.03.sit - Java 2 version 1.3.1 is integrated into OS X 10.2. which is not GOOD enough, so:
- System update (via system settings) to JAVA version 1.4.1 is required!
- Does NOT yet support streaming MIDI. This will be available soon, as I finish testing.
- MIDI dump to file works, so you can still generate COOL midifiles, as in windows version.
agentbeats v1.02 2/dec/2002 Windows 283 KB Java 2 -