AGENT music

AGENTBEAT 001 download 06/08/02 This track has been done by simply mapping each agent to a different sound in some sound-generating software/hardware. I have not edited in this rhythmical performance.
AGENTBEAT 002 download 26/09/02 This one has been through more after-work... I.e. I have added several patterns and done some arrangements after generating the basic "seed"-midi-file from AGENTBEATS. On this track I experiment with using the same "seed" for generating weird monophonic synth-sounds, and it turns out to be: Very Succesful.
AGENTBEAT 003 N/A 28/08/02 NOT available for download due to excessive size... It is a 48 min. "Piano concert for 1 Satan". Diabolic in the way it changes and still stays the same for such a long time. I wanted to test if the patterns were able to change in an interesting way over a longer period of time without "looping" or something, and to me it seems as that is the case. Insane! Maybe I upload it later in lousy encoding.. or release it on CD for the record
AGENTBEAT 004 download 28/08/02 C'est parti! AGENTBEAT goes dancing!
This piece is the result of several hours of work with sound modules and it materialises the "original" idea about AGENTBEATS: progressive techno/house music! It lasts for about 17 minutes. All patterns are AGENTBEAT generated. Even the bassline! CHECK IT OUT!
AGENTBEAT 005 download 26/11/02 Another powerful techno-house track. COOL bass-line, and strong evolving rhythms... More minimalistic style.

I make alot of experimental music and mostly I use AGENTBEATS in some way or another in the process. Find more tracks at my label:

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