Today, 13/mar/2004 I wondered:
Thanks to comments from and conversations with CaL who have offered to help me developing agentbeats, I am now in the process of putting the agentbeats project on sourceforge and thus donate the code to the world.
I hope this will lead to better progress in the development, that have been stalled for the moment. END (for now)

Today, 05/september/2003 I wondered:

AGENTBEATS II is now in very first stage of BETA. I'm coding it in C++, but intends to build versions for Mac OSX and Windows.
The graphics will be 3D, and the whole thing will be completely different in looks, but the basic concept remains: MUSIC generated by "artificial life".

END (for now)

Today, 11/juli/2003 I thought:

OK! I admit it! I haven't finished v.2 on time (I had promised something like 01/07/2003)
The reason, however, is my unsatisfaction with Java stability. I've already come a long way with v.2 but have stopped development as I have encountered some irritating errors that seem to be out of my control, i.e. they are not linked to my development but to the handling by the JRE of some simple and standard code, for example sliders that don't show, sudden program crashes, MIDI listeners that stop listening without any error messages etc.

All in all these problems have discouraged me enough to start thinking about other ways of reaching my goal of having a COOL, STABLE and USER-FRIENDLY version of AGENTBEATS available and RUNNING.
Currently I consider doing the whole thing in C++ using wxWindows and PortMusic. I would very much like to be able to stay cross-platform which is the reason that I'm not just going straight ahead coding in Cocoa etc. So the current delay is due to a comlpete change of scope and development tools.

I hope, however to be able to have some kind of BETA ready during the summer, and a more or less complete version ready after the summer. Come back to this page to get further news.

And as I currently don't have access to a PC I'm still looking for a PC person that can help me do the PC porting (maybe I should make the whole thing open-source?)

OVER-AND-OUT (for now)

Today, 28/05/2003 I thought:

Version 1 of AGENTBEATS is a piece of highly experimental software with main focus on CORE-FUNCTIONALITIES and is more of a prototype than an actual "product".
I'm well aware of this, which is why I'm currently working HARD on getting version 2 ready.
I'll give a short pespective of the things that can be expected of version 2:
Well, this is some of the thoughts I fiddle with currently.
As usual all advice and ideas are welcome.

OVER-AND-OUT (for now)